Alexis Reeves

Alexis is a Propel Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health in the School of Medicine with Dr. Michelle Odden’s lab. Her research is broadly focused on the causes and consequences of racial disparities in accelerated aging. She is particularly interested in the interplay of structural and interpersonal racism, and the psychobiological mechanisms in which they produce early health declines in minoritized populations. Her work to date has focused on the health of Black women as they enter into life-stages, such as the midlife menopausal transition, where cardio-metabolic risk is high. Alexis also has a strong interest in causal inference, and applies causal inference theory and methods to these areas of research to mitigate and quantify bias.

Alexis holds a BS in Biological Sciences from University of California Irvine, an MPH in Epidemiology/Biostatistics from University of California Berkeley and a Doctorate in Epidemiologic Science from the University of Michigan.

Outside of research, Alexis enjoys learning about other cultures and history by traveling. She also enjoys eating, cooking, and sharing food (and cocktails!) from around the world with friends and family. Connect with Alexis: Google Scholar