Colwyn “CoCo” Headley

Dr. Colwyn “CoCo” Headley (he/him) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University’s Cardiovascular Institute, in the lab of Dr. Philip Tsao. Dr. Headley combines his long-term interests in aging-associated mitochondrial dysfunction and immunity, with Dr. Tsao’s veteran expertise in cardiovascular disease, to uncover novel perspectives within the immune-cardiovascular axis. Dr. Headley completed his B.S. (Microbiology) and Ph.D. (Biomedical Sciences —Immunology) at The Ohio State University. Dr. Headley’s doctoral work, in the lab of Dr. Joanne Turner, primarily focused on the impact of biological aging on adaptive immunity and potential strategies to boost elderly immune function. Outside of Lab, Dr. CoCo is involved in several non-profits, including Black-In-Immuno and Biotech Connection Bay Area. CoCo is also an avid runner and Fútbol player. He is also always on the hunt for new coffee and wines to try! Connect with CoCo: Twitter | Instagram