Jonathan Tyson

Tyson is a postdoctoral scholar working with Carolyn Bertozzi, Karl Deisseroth and Zhenan Bao on genetically targeted chemical assembly of functional bioelectronic materials in vivo—a project aimed at building new functions into life for communication, treatment and discovery by developing a universal methodology for targeted chemistry within living beings. Prior to Stanford, Tyson completed his PhD in chemistry at Yale and UC Berkeley under Dr. Alanna Schepartz, where he designed and synthesized chemical tools that enable extended, and multicolor, super-resolution imaging in live cells. As an undergraduate McNair scholar at Rider University, he performed total synthesis of gamma-butyrolactone-containing natural products with Dr. Danielle Jacobs.

Outside of lab, Tyson is the founder and host of Fresh Professor (inspired by “The Fresh Prince of Bel-air”), a small platform that provides resources and entertainment for first-generation professionals and academics. He is also a lover of music and an efficient collector of random information.