Saria McKeithen-Mead

Saria McKeithen-Mead, PhD, MS, (she/her) is a postdoctoral scholar in Bioengineering, Microbiology & Immunology. She holds a PhD in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MS in Molecular and Cell Biology from Quinnipiac University, a BS in Biology and a BA in Anthropology from Case Western Reserve University. Her research aims to uncover relationships between human health and the evolution of microbial communities within the human gut. Specifically, she focuses on how diet and inflammation drive the movement of mobile DNA elements between bacterial species within the gut microbiome. She is passionate about promoting the inclusion of underrepresented communities in scientific research through outreach, mentorship, and teaching. While at MIT, she was Treasurer of the Black Graduate Student Association and a Graduate Ambassador. Outside of research, she loves experiencing new food along with cooking and crafting cocktails. She also enjoys hiking, fishing, and kayaking.