Shawna Follis

Shawna Follis, PhD, MS is a postdoctoral scholar at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and the Center for Population Health Sciences. She received her PhD in epidemiology at The University of Arizona and her master’s degree in anthropology from Purdue University. Dr. Follis is a social epidemiologist researching race and ethnicity health disparities, aging, and chronic disease prevention. She is interested in the role that the structural environment and social determinants of health play in body composition and chronic disease outcomes. Dr. Follis was awarded the 2020 Aetna Award for Excellence in Research on Older Women and Public Health from the American Public Health Association for her research evaluating racial differences in social stress associated adipose tissue patterning. Dr. Follis promotes inclusion of underrepresented communities in scientific research through mentorship, teaching, and diversity committees. While at The University of Arizona she was appointed President of Health Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. In her community, she has served in activism leadership positions for undocumented immigrant rights. Outside of research she is a passionate futbolista and former collegiate soccer player.